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On the eve of June's full Strawberry Moon, Nicole from Nicole Burke Skincare and Emma from Zephyr Rising Apothecary cordially invite you to a come together in virtual community for a sweet island spa experience + rejuvenating facial ritual.

We will guide you through grounding breath work, a home facial using organic Hawaiian skincare with a Gua Sha facial massage stone, and a relaxing meditation.

Book by May 25th to receive your Strawberry Moon Ritual Kit in time for our gathering and be sure to share this invitation with those you'd like to gather with... 

Your Strawberry Moon Ritual Kit will be shipped to you and includes everything you need for a relaxing home facial experience:

~ skin elixirs from Zephyr Rising Apothecary, organic and handmade in small batches on the island of Maui

~ Your choice of Jade, Fire Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite or Rose Quartz Gua Sha stone



Facial Gua Sha is a massage technique using a smooth stone with contoured edges to give yourself a relaxing, invigorating, detoxifying face lift. You'll move lymph, melt tension, firm skin and smooth lines. It's easy to learn, feels amazing, and has visible results. In this workshop you'll learn an at-home routine that you can do a few times a week for truly revitalized skin.

Please reach out to us if you already have a stone and would like to sign up for the skincare kit and class only.
If you'd like to participate and are in need of financial assistance, please let us know.



Meet Emma ~ 
Emma created Zephyr Rising Apothecary to share her love for the Earth and for plants through organic plant-based skin care made on the Valley Isle of Maui. She has studied Ethnobotany, herbal medicine and Buddhism over the course of her life journey through Colorado, Northern California, Nepal and Maui.  Her mission is to nourish our bodies and souls, recognizing the inherent radiant beauty in each and every human being.


Meet Nicole ~
Nicole has been practicing organic skincare since 2005. Her studio, Nicole Burke Skincare, thrived in SF's Mission District for over a decade. In 2019 she moved her home base from San Francisco to Maui. Nicole has studied Gua Sha under two teachers over the past several years. She loves seeing people's faces light up when they learn it! Check out her website by registering above or go to

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