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What is Lu Jong?


Lu Jong is a moving meditation practice rooted in Tibetan medicine, Tantric Buddhism, and Bon, the ancient shamanic tradition  of  Tibet.


"Lu Jong" can be translated as "body transformation" because in this practice we cultivate body awareness and we use this to transform and refine the mind. The deep interconnection of nature, mind, and body have shaped the exercises over thousands of years as Lu Jong was passed on orally from master to student.


This  series of 21 exercises was collated by the precious Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche who has adapted the movements to be of most benefit to the modern body.


Lu Jong is for those who want a healthy body, and perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of this practice is that anyone regardless of age or physical ability can do it. By moving or positioning our bodies in particular ways, we are able to move and balance energy.


At the core of this beautiful and gentle practice is the belief: healthy body, healthy mind.

Why practice?


(Okay, I could give you more than four but the proof is in the pudding. That being said, I hope you take the opportunity to experience the many benefits of this practice for yourself.)

1. Lu Jong focuses on releasing blockages, physical, mental, and energetic. According to Tibetan Medicine, we have 72,000 channels in our body. Using the breath, Lu Jong massages and opens these channels.

2. Lu Jong nurtures the spine and helps increase joint mobility, ultimately reducing pain, boosting organ function, and toning the nervous system.


3. Lu Jong balances body systems which improves immune and metabolic system function. This increases overall energy and stamina. 

4. Lu Jong calms the mind. It refocuses our minds from rational, conceptual awareness to the perceptual awareness of direct sensation.


Events and Workshops

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Private and Group Sessions Available

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