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The Queens Facial Toner: turmeric

The Queens Facial Toner: turmeric


A soothing toner to refresh and revitalize skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


Maui grown turmeric hydrosol is uniquely wonderful for thirsty or dehydrated skin. Distilled from organically grown fresh turmeric, it retains the water soluable constiuents of this water storing rhizome and trace amounts of essential oil adding its warm and somewhat spicy aroma to this toner.


Apple cider vinegar infused infused with lemon balm, rose geranium, hibiscus, chamomile, and roses delivers a high dose of calming antioxidants to combat aging and the effects of stress on skin, especially UV damage.


Application Ritual: Mist over clean skin and allow to absorb before applying moisturizer or oil based serum.



Ingredients: Maui grown turmeric,* lemon balm*, rose geranium,* + chamomile,* hibiscus,* calendula,* rose petals,* apple cider vinegar,


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