Mellow Out Bath Soak: bath salts for muscle tension


Mellow Out Bath Salt Blend combines the magic of magnesium chloride bath salt flakes with herbal allies. Goldenrod, damiana, and ginger work synergistically to relax and release muscle tension.


Goldenrod is a little known hero of the muscle pain world. With a great ability to warm and move stagnation, it literally melts aches away.


Damiana is often considered an aphrodisiac largely because it increases circulation and blood flow. It generously moves stagnation and is highly restorative.


Ginger is warming and helps to increase circulation and relieve pain.


Soaking Ritual: Add these herbal magnesium salts to warm bath water or use as a foot soak on tired feet. Let go of what no longer serves you.


Ingredients: magnesium salts, goldenrod,* damiana,* corn flower,* ginger EO*




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