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Coconut Rose Facial Cleansing Clay

Coconut Rose Facial Cleansing Clay


A gentle island inspired facial cleanser that will brighten, exfoliate, and restore balance featuring Maui grown coconut, rose and rose geranium.


Coconut fiber acts as a gentle exfoliant, removing dirt and dead skin cells. The unique process by which we dry our coconut leaves trace amounts of nourishing coconut oil to help dissolve makeup and suncreen residue without using harsh soaps. It is truly the secret ingredient that will leave your skin soft and nourished.


Rose and rose geranium are cooling and support dryed out, over exposed skin. Both herbs help to alleviate inflammation and soothe irritations or blemishes. They help to balance the skin's oil production while offering gentle grounding energy and a sweet aroma.


Bentonite clay serves as the base for this cleanser and acts to pull impurities from the skin and brighten the complexion.


Cleansing Ritual: Mix 1 tsp of cleasner with a few drops of liquid in the palm of the hand. You can use water, honey, apple cider vinegar, or your favorite herbal tea. Gently massage paste onto face. Rinse with warm water. Suitable for all skin types




Ingredients: Maui grown coconut fiber, roses,* and rose geranium,* bentonite clay, oats,*


4 oz




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