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Emma Zee

Ballet is a technical art that not only develops muscle tone, body awareness, and coordination but also teaches about beauty, grace, and internal dynamism. In ballet class you will:


Challenge yourself

Experience new levels of alignment and strength, both physical and mental

 Explore a solid foundation from which to grow into new ways of self-expression

Develop excellent core strength and muscle tone

I am available to teach all levels, from beginner to advanced...All are welcome. If you are interested in taking a class but you haven't danced in awhile or used to dance and took a long break, you're in the right place! In my class, you'll not only get a great workout, you'll have fun!

I have studied classical ballet for over 20 years at companies such as Canyon Concert Ballet in Colorado, Bayside Ballet in Northern California, and Alexander Academy of Performing Arts in Maui.

 Private and Group Lessons Available


Beginner to Advanced

All Ages

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